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Patchwork Bacon!

Hamburger (100% grass-fed, organically grown, 87% lean, Covered-L Farm) — $6.80/lb
Bacon from Patchwork —  $7/lb
Sausage from Patchwork —  $4.70/lb
Chicken Eggs, cage-free, doz —  $3
Local Raw Honey —  $9/pt; $15/qt — check availability!


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Petersheim Dairy (Clark, MO) — Cow milk and cream

  • Hand milked twice daily; Pastured in summer
  • Fed non-GMO protein mix as well as farm-grown, chemical-free corn silage, grass, and hay

Fresh Cow Milk ― full fat and creamline
Gallon —  $5.75
Half-gallon —  $2.88

Heavy Whipping Cream:
pint — $4 (makes ~7 oz butter)
quart — $7 (makes ~15 oz butter)







Soggy Bottom Farms (Sturgeon, MO) — Goat milk (~March-Oct)

** Dwarf Nigerian show goats — grass fed! ** Goat – Gallon — ~$10.50
Goat – Half-gallon  — ~$7.15



Various Amish Farms (near Clark, MO)
Chicken Eggs (mainly from Chris Gingerich’s Farm), cage-free, doz —  $3


Yes!  Fowl of all kind living together in harmony!  Thank you Malina and John of ImaGEEnation Farm.

ImaGEEnation Farm (Columbia, MO)
** Pastured, free-range, happy chickens and ducks! **
Duck eggs — $8.60/doz or $4.30/half-doz
Chicken eggs — $4.60/doz

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 –— VEGGIES –—

24-week Seasonal CSA (May-Oct) from Assemblage Farm (Columbia, MO)bee_marigold

Weekly veggies delivered from spring to fall!




Dan Kuebler, a.k.a. the master sauerkrauter!

The Salad Garden (Ashland, MO)
** Homemade taste; live, wild culture **
Sauerkraut (14 oz) —  $7.15
Kimchi (14 oz; nice & spicy) —  $7.25
Flavored Sauerkraut (14 oz):
– Beet-Kraut, Carrot-Kraut —  $7.15




Peggy’s Dome and Garden (near Ashland, MO)


Some “baby” carrots from Peggy’s Dome and Garden.  Alcohol not included.

** Organically grown veggies — in a garden & in a geodesic dome **
Winter Veggies (check availability):
Check back and ask about:  Lettuce, spinach, beets, carrots, greens, etc.




With The Wild Farm (Higbee, MO)


With the Wild Farm, selling at the Columbia Farmer’s Market

** Inspired by “do-nothing” permaculture; no-chemical farming **
Turkey Tail Mushrooms — ask for details (traditionally used as a medicine, and also scientists are researching it)

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 –— MEAT –—


Honey Creek Farm (near Hallsville, MO)
** Pastured, non-GMO chickens **


From April 2012!  Dan Pugh and his helpers selling for the first time at the Columbia Farmer’s Market.

Chicken Broth (quart) — $5
Chicken Parts for stock — packages (~3 lb) — $3.50/lb
–> Choose between: necks or feet.

Read more about their adventures: or on facebook (



Brush and Trouble Farm (Jen and Noah in Hallsville, MO)


Growing on pasture chickens, from Brush and Trouble to you.

** Pastured, non-GMO chickens & hogs**
Whole frozen chickens — $5.70/lb
Chicken hearts (check avail) — $~3/lb

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Patchwork Pork Family Farms (Columbia, MO)
• Hogs raised with sustainable practices
• Non-profit for small hog farmers ― local butchers ― $$$ kept in the local economy
• Full product list:

Ol’ stand-bys:
■ Bacon (brine cured, maple sugar, & smoked) —  $7/lb
–> other kinds of bacon:  Pepper ($7.30), Nitrate-Free ($7), & Jowl ($5)
■ Pork belly, sliced or slabbed (1lb), $7/lb (no curing or smoking or sugar or anything!)
■ Sausage (salt, red pepper, sage, sugar, and black pepper; from AC Leggs mix) —  $4.70/lb
■ Ground Pork — $4.30/lb*b
■ Chorizo sausage — $4.70/lb
■ Brats (Regular, Sweet Italian, Hot Italian, Chorizo, Andouille) —  $5.60/lb
■ Pork Chops, center-cut, bone-ine (2 per, ~1½ lbs total) —  $6.20/lb
–>  “regular-cut” (~1 inch), but we can also do thin- (0.5 lb each chop) or thick-cut (1 lb each)
■ Smoked and Cured Hock —  $5/lb
■ Sausage Snack Stix (4-sticks, 1 lb total) — $5.20 each


Mmm… sausage…

And ask about other cuts, such as Canadian bacon, ground pork, chorizo sausage, as well as bacon ends, stew meat, pig’s feet, pork fat, & even more!

For grillin’ or smokin’ or oven’:
Pork Steak (2 steaks, 2-3 lbs total) —  $5.15/lb
Ham Steak (~1 lb, brine cured, bone-in) —  $6/lb
Pork Shoulder, bone-in (2-3 lbs) —  $4.30/lb
Tenderloin Patties (3 or 4 per lb) —  $6.50/lb
Deli Ham (cured, sliced, and cooked) —  $7.50/lb


Holiday Ham

True Tenderloin (2 loins, 1.5-2 lbs total) —  $9.75/lb
Loin Roast, Boneless (1 roast, 2½-3 lbs or 5-7#) —  $7.50/lb
Ham, Bone-in (cured, smoked; 14-18 lbs) —  $5.70/lb
Ham, Boneless (cured, smoked; 8-12 lbs) —  $6.10/lb

Baby Back Ribs (meaty & tender ribs, near the loin)
–> Full Rack (~2 lb) or 2 Riblets (½-1¼ lb) —  $8.25/lb
–> Special: 20+ lbs of Riblets —  $5/lb
Spare Ribs (from BB to sternum, ~2-3lbs) —  $4.30/lb
St. Louis Style (ribs of the spare cut, ~2 lbs) —  $5.75/lb



Brush and Trouble Farm (Jen and Noah in Hallsville, MO)


Hogs on pasture at Brush and Trouble, near Hallsville, MO

** Pastured, non-GMO  hogs**
All bacon is smoked!
Sugar-free bacon, sea-salt only — $9.50/lb
Sugar-free jowl, sea-salt only –$7.60/lb
Nitrate-free bacon — $9.50/lb
Nitrate-free jowl — $7.60/lb

Other pork items:
Pork Steak — $8.10/lb
Pork Chops — $8.60/lb
Brats — $7.60/lb
Italian Brats — $7.60/lb
Spare Ribs — $7.60/lb
Roasts, Shoulder or Callie — $8.10/lb
Nitrate-free Pepperoni (8 oz.) —  $5.45
Chorizo — $7.65/lb
Pork/Beef Meatballs — $8.60/lb (mix of pastured pork & 100% grass-fed beef from Covered-L)
Ground Pork — $6.65/lb
Breakfast Sausage (salt, pepper, sugar, sage) — $6.65/lb




Brittany and 2 stubborn goats — wait, that’s Bill!

Sullivan Farms (near Fayette, MO)
** Pastured hogs fed non-GMO feed, from a permaculture farm **

Lard (2½ lbs or 5lb) —  $5.75/lb
Jowl Bacon (currently out!!!) —  $12/lb
Spare Ribs (2-3 lbs) —  $10/lb
Bacon — $14.30/lb
Ground Pork — $8.60/lb
Ground Sausage — $9/lb
Breakfast Links — $8.15/lb
Brats — $9.70/lb
Pork Chops — $9.70/lb
Pork Steak — $9.70/lb
Ham Steak — $9.30/lb
Tenderloin — $18.60/lb
Pork Cutlet — $14.30/lb
Neck Bones — $4.30/lb
Organ meats (kidney, liver, etc.) — $5.70/lb
Bolonga (8 oz, old-world recipe) —  $8.60
Deli Ham (8 oz., cured and ready-to-eat) —  $8.60


No lamb just now…

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Sullivan Farms (near Fayette, MO)
** Pastured hogs fed non-GMO feed, from a permaculture farm **
** Cooks up like pork; make goat carnitas! **
–> Sorry, no goat at this time!

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Covered-L Farm (near Centralia, MO)
** Beef fed only water, grass, minerals, and supplemental hay — and love! **


Steve Landers of Covered-L Farm

From Steve Landers: “Our beef is 100% grass-fed.  We buy them as yearlings from a couple of people who use the same protocol:  no antibiotics, no hormones, no pesticides, no herbicides.  Besides momma’s milk, these beeves get grass, mineral, air and water plus hay when grass is gone or in short supply.  No grain whatsoever, ever.  That’s it = simply beef.”

— Pre-Cooked, ready-to-eat!
Beef Brats — $8.40/lb
Beef Hot Dogs — $9.85/lb
Beef Snack Sticks (1 oz each, great for the kids!) — $1.43 each

— Prepared (uncooked)
Beef Brats — $8.40/lb
Beef Sausage in links — $9.45/lb
Beef Sausage in bulk —  $7.20/lb

— Hamburger (check availability)
~88% lean, South Poll breed —  $6.80/lb

— STEAKS (check availability)
Porterhouse Steak (1¼” thick, 2/pkg, 2#)  —  $14.30/lb
Filet Mignon (1½” thick, 2/pkg, 0.8-1.2#)  —  $21.10/lb
K.C. Strip (1¼” thick, 2/pkg, 1-1½#) —  $12.80/lb
Rib Eye Steak (1¼” thick, 2/pkg, 1-1½#)  —  $15.35/lb
Sirloin Steak boneless (1” thick,  1½#) —  $11.30/lb
Top Round Steak  (½” thick, ¾-1½#)  —  $7.20/lb

Brisket (half, 2-3#; whole, 4-6#) —  $7/lb
Chuck Roast boneless (2½#) —  $7/lb
Chuck Roast bone-in (3½#) —  $6.2/lb
Arm Roast boneless (2½#) —  $7.15/lb
Arm Roast bone-in (3½#) —  $6.35/lb
Rump Roast  boneless (3-4#) —  $7.20/lb
Bottom Round Roast boneless (2-4#) —  $6.20/lb
Sirloin Tip Roast  boneless (3-4#) —  $8.20/lb
Sirloin Roast  boneless (3#) —  $7.85/lb
Eye of Round Roast (half, 1½#; whole, 3#) —  $7.95/lb

Stew Meat (sirloin, small cubes, 1-1½#) —  $7.80/lb
Stir Fry (1- 1¼#) —  $8.10/lb
Cube Steak (1¼#,  4/pkg) —  $7.35/lb
Kabob (sirloin, large cubes; 1¼-1½ #) —  $7.85/lb
Flank Steak*** (1½ #) —  $9.95/lb
Skirt Steak (1½ #) —  $6.95/lb

Short Ribs (2-3#) —  $6.30/lb

Meaty Soup Bones (1-3#) —  $6.30/lb
Stock bones (some meat; great for stock; 1-3#) —  $5.35/lb
Marrow Bones or Knuckle Bones (great for bone broth; 1-3#) —  $4.95/lb
Liver (sliced, 1#) —  $7.65/lb
Heart/Tongue/Oxtail*** (1-2# each) —  $5.10/lb
Suet, pelletized, from kidney fat (1-5lb packages) —  $1.43/lb
*** check availability first

— Whole Animals (purchase directly from Covered-L)
** Buy a whole, half, or quarter cow! **
Processed at Swiss Meats (Hermann, MO). You can choose your customer-cuts for your animal.  Weights are approximate.
Price per hanging weight, shrink-wrap:
– Whole (~580-680lb hanging weight), $4/lb (~375-445lb will be your “take-home” weight)
– Half (~290-340lb hanging weight), $4.15/lb (~190-220 take-home)
– Quarter (~145-170lb hanging weight), $4.30/lb (~94-110 take-home)
Price per hanging weight (see above listing), vacuum-wrap:
– Whole (~580-680lb hanging weight), $4.20/lb (~375-445lb will be your “take home” weight)
– Half (~290-340lb hanging weight), $4.35/lb (~190-220lb take-home)
– Quarter (~145-170lb hanging weight), $4.50/lb (~94-110lb take-home)
** Contact Rhett (via order form) for more information
** Need a reference? Just ask, and we’ll connect you with a prior customers.

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Laura Korte of Country Neighbors, with a not-Turkey lamb.  🙂

Country Neighbors (Fayette, MO)
** non-GMO pastured turkeys, raised with love near Fayette**
Ground Turkey — $9.30/lb
Turkey Sausage Links — $10.35/lb





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Gluten-free tortillas on the grill!

Gluten-free Cassava Tortillas (from Katy McDonald, aka, “The Cassava Mama”, COMO)
** Cassava flour, organic coconut oil, filtered water, and salt. Hand-made with love. ***
6-pack, frozen —  $7.85 per pack

With the Wild Farm (near Higbee, MO)
** Organically grown veggies & small-batch baking **
Granola /w dried blueberries (organic olive oil, cinnamon, flax; sweetened w/ local honey & sorghum; ¾ lb) — $6

Peggy’s Bakery (Ashland, MO)


Peggy’s Granola!

** Small-batch baking with TLC **

Granola /w fruit and nuts (olive oil*, barley & oat* flakes, local pecans, whole almonds & pepitas (pumpkin seeds), cocounut flakes, dried cranberries, sweetened w/ sorghum and honey*) (*=organic!)

  • 1lb pint glass jar, $9.50
  • 2lb quart glass quart jar, $18.15


Fiddle and Stone Bakery (COMO)
** Independent baker looking for customers **
Naturally leavened  or store-bought yeast; long fermentation; whole grains; small-batch.

Read this article from the CFM!


Mmmm… yummie Fiddle & Stone bread that was leavened with local yeast!

Country Sour (10% whole-wheat) — $8
Rye (50% whole-grain “unbolted” rye) — $8
100% Whole-wheat (Turkey Red heritage wheat)– $8






Peggy’s Dome and Bakery (Ashland)
** Baking at home with lots of butter and love**
—–Muffins (half-dozen for $17.15):
– Morning Glory Muffins — carrot-cakey with raisins, nuts, and butter & brown sugar*
– Savory Corn Muffins — corn cake muffins with lots of savory goodness*
—–Cinnamon rolls ($21.45 for pan of 6):
– Puff Pastry dough (lots of butter) with pecans/walnuts, honey/maple sugar/brown-sugar, flax seed, and 25% whole-wheat!

School of the Ozarks (Point Lookout, MO)cofo
** Whole grain, stone-milled — an Ozark water-wheel! **
– Diverse grain mix (wheat, rye, barley, and corn)
– Easy-peasy– add egg, liquid, & oil or fat, to taste!
2 lb bag of pancake mix — $13.80
5 lb bag of pancake mix — $23

Range-Free Bakery (Columbia, MO)
** Gluten-free and alternative-sugar confections and cookies **
** $1-off discount when ordering a dozen of one kind **
anna-home-picChocolate chip paleo cookies (2.9 oz; sweetened w/out plain sugar) — $5.50
Mint Chocolate cookies (2.5 oz) — $4.50
Protein bites (4.8 oz; sweetened with honey) — $7
Gooey butter cake (4.8 oz; regular or chocolate) — $5
Pumpkin bread (3.5 oz) — $4
Foccacia buns (9.4 oz) — $5.50
Cookies of all kinds! — $1.75 each
– No bake cookie (oat and coconut)
– No Nutter (with peanuts)
– N’Oreo (like oreo)
– Chocolate Chip

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–— EXTRA –—

Sheperd Farm (Clifton Hill, MO)
Growing and selling pecans since 1971 **
Pecans (Pawnee variety), in shell (~56 nuts/lb) — $5/lb
–> get $15 worth and get a free nut cracker (while supplies last!)
Pecan meat (check availability):
1 lb ($14.50)
2 lb ($25)
3 lb ($34.30)

South Side Sales — Gingerich Farm (Clark, MO)
** Retailing regional food in the Amish community **
Local Raw Honey (from hives near Paris, MO) —  $9/pt; $15/qt — for glass jar add $1; Half-gallon $28.15; Gallon $56.25 (glass add $5)
Maple Syrup from Ohio —  $15/pt; $22.50/qt

Shifley Chestnut Farm (Centralia, MO)
** Grown without chemicals by a retired forester! **
Chestnuts (~32 nuts/lb) . . . . . . $5.75/lb

Elderberry Momma (Columbia, MO)
** Locally produced with honey, spices, and love **
Elderberry Cordial (made from organic elderberry and sweetened with sugar and spices) — $21.50 or $28.50/bottle (10 or 16 oz)

River Hills Harvest (Hartsburg, MO)ebl
ebb** Bottled in Hartsburg, grown by Midwest farms (non-GMO, sustainable methods) **
100% Elderberry juice — $17.15/bottle (11 oz)






Eastwind Nut Butters (Tecumseh, MO)header-izzy3[1]
** Cooperative owned business in the Ozarks! ***
–> These are introductory prices (they will go up about 20% or so after I sell out of this batch)
Valencia Peanut butter, smooth — $4.35/lb
Peanut butter, crunchy — $4.35/lb
Almond butter (Mission Almonds), roasted, smooth– $10.25/lb
Tahini (seasame butter), Organic — $7.85/lb
Cashew butter (Brazilian Cashews), RAW, smooth — $11.50/lb


Dave, smiling and passing out samples of cold brew and drip coffee.

Fretboard Coffee (Columbia, MO)
** Organic/Fair-trade, small-batch roasting **
Light (Brazil, Guatemala), Medium (Hi-Fi, Bolivia), or Dark (Kenya, Ethiopian)
Ground or Whole-Bean (12 oz bag) —  $14.60
Cold Brew Drip Coffee (32 oz, +$3 bottle deposit; 1 month shelf-life) — $17


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Ken, Jen, and the family of Goatsbeard Farm with some happy goats.

Goatsbeard Farm (Harrisburg, MO)
** Pastured goats raised from kids! **

Cream cheese (5 oz, spreadable), $6.50

  • -Plain (ask about other flavors)

Soft cheese Round (4 oz, thicker than cream cheese & spreadable), $6.45

  • Classic plain
  • Herbes de Provence (tarragon, thyme, rosemary, basil, savory, organic lavender flowers & fennel seed)
  • Cracked Black Pepper



Marinated goodness!!

Soft cheese  Marinated (cut and covered in olive oil, herbes de Provence, peppercorn, & sundried tomato; great for an appetizer! — see right), $8

Hard Cheeses (4 oz):

  • Walloon (aged “cheddar-like”), $7
  • Moniteau Blue (blue-veined cheese), $7
  • Feta (greek-like feta), $7


David Yoder Farm (Clark, MO)



** Chemical-free, amish-horse-powered, sorghum syrup! **
Rich, earthy flavor, great for baking, or stir in your coffee.  Lots of minerals to boot!

  • $6/pin glass jar (16oz)
  • $9.50/quart glass jar (32oz)




Creekside Mill (COMO)


Richard while he is not milling bread or farming or being retired!

** USDA Organic hard wheat; MO grown & stone-milled! **
Wheat berries (more than 20lb, $0.75/lb). . . . . . . $1.05/lb
Wheat flour (more than 20lb, $1.45/lb). . . . . . . . . .$1.75/lb
New:  Heritage “Turkey Red” hard winter wheat, 2018 crop — $2.15/lb (flour; $1.86/lb berries).  Read more here about Turkey Red and heritage grains.



El Patron Tortillaria (COMO)
** Tamales, handmade in small batches **
TAMALES (2 per pack)
– Masa made with pork broth
**Allow up to 1-3 weeks for delivery-time
– Made with chiles, garlic, cumin, salt, and salsa
Pork — $3.80 for 2-pack
Chicken — $3.80 for 2-pack


Heart of the Senses (COMO)

Self pic 1

** Kyme Morris makes allergy-free, sugar-free, gluten-free spice mixes **

Chicken Seasoning — The “most popular”: great on veggies & chicken!
Persian Meat Spice Blend — use with rice, hamburgers, meatballs, soups, or eggs
Ranch Seasoning — Use with meat or veggies, or mix with mayo or yogurt for a homemade ranch dressing
Pumpkin Spice Blend — great for baking, treats, smoothies, or even that pumpkin pie!
$8.60 for 3oz glass bottle.  Return the bottle for $1-off your next order!

Group of Spices 4

Buying Club
Order from UNFI and Frontier Coop via Peace Nook in Columbia, MO:
Browse the catalogs here, and order in bulk and have it delivered to your door!  Email, call me, or read more at this link.

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If you mess it up, just fill out another form, and we will only deliver the last form you give us.

Interested in Bulk Food items? Let write in what you are looking for (no-tree toilet paper; organic dog food, etc.) and we will email you back with a list of items that we have available and the prices.

Outside our normal delivery area of Columbia, Fayette, Rocheport, or Higbee? We can calculate a minimum order, depending on where you’d like delivery (home or work). It varies from $20-60, depending on your distance from our delivery route.

***FOR ORDERING: After submitting the form, if you do not get a reply from me within a week, then the order form may not have been submitted correctly. You can also call me or text me and let me know that you’ve submitted an order, and I will look for it in my inbox. THANKS!

***DISCOUNT FOR LARGE ORDERS: For orders over $50, we’ll discount 10%!
(if you are outside our delivery area, this does not include the minimum order)

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Putting hay in the loft with a pulley and literal horsepower. (click on the link to the right, to see the movie)

Watch them put the hay in the loft, with help from a horse, of course…


How it was done — how it is done now!  (Boise Valley, Idaho wheat field, about 1920)

Please fill out the form below (the list of items is at the bottom of the page) and type out your entire order in the text box.  Questions on how to fill it out?  The instructions are here.  Thank you!


This is what you get when you add two draft horses, 1 cart, and a field of cut and raked hay!

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