Cold brew for Hot days…

80F may currently feel like a heat wave, but before we know it, 80-degrees will be a breath of fresh air!

When the heat starts moving in, be sure to keep in mind this cold-infusion:  Cold-Brew Coffee from Fretboard At $12/quart it’s just what you might need…


They see me cold-brewin’ / with fresh cream!  (…bad reference to “White and Nerdy” by Weird Al, which is itself a parody of Chamillionaire’s “Ridin'” from 2005)

Instead of tea leaves, they use roasted, ground coffee beans.  They also have decaf cold-brew for folks who need a break from caffeine.  Present company included.  It is perfect if you like the taste of cold-brew but can’t hack caffeine withdrawal headaches.  D:

Get a bottle for delivery at $12/quart ($3 bottle deposit) — fully caffeinated or not, you can add some awesome local heavy cream from Petersheim Dairy ($4/pint or $7/quart).  What could be better!

Need anything?  Follow these 3 steps…

  1. Contact Rhett anytime by phone, text (816-807-6420), Game-of-Thrones-raven, email (, or order online (
  2. Pay ahead, or leave out a payment during your delivery day.
  3. Enjoy your food and tell your friends!


Strawberry + anything = good

It is time for strawberries.  Greenhouse strawberries are first, then field berries.  The amish produce auction near Clark and amish bulk food store South Side Sales (now run by Alvin Yoder) has berries out their ears.  I am also talking with other local farms (With the Wild, Higbee, MO) for even more beautiful berries.  Get your quart now!


Prices will be “market-rate”, which means they’ll be $6-7/quart.  Bonus:  Get a flat of 8 quarts and get 10% off!

Think of the sweet and tart possibilities!  Strawberries and cream, Cream and strawberries, strawberry syrup, strawberry strawberry…


Strawberry strawberry!

How can you get some?  Easy…

Ordering is easy — eggs and cheesy!

  1. Contact Rhett and let him know what you need (online, text, phone, email, game-of-thrones-crow, etc.) — order online here:
  2. Mail a payment or leave one out on delivery
  3. Enjoy your food and tell your friends! 🙂

Check out this webpage for info on how to store your berries!


The sky is falling chickens!

Okay, Chicken Little didn’t say that– but almost. What’s really going on is that Dan Pugh from Honey Creek Farm (Hallsville, MO) got his first batch of chickens processed. That means pastured, local, non-GMO chickens for your meal-plan!


Chickens living large in the pasture-tractor!

I can deliver his whole chickens for $5.70/lb, 4-5lb each chicken.  10%-off when you get $50+ per order (excludes milk, honey, other discounts)!  Also, for the soups and broths, there are chicken backs at $1.45/lb (4-5lb packs).

Need anything?  Contact me anytime for delivery (phone, email, text, online ordering here:, and I’ll get you setup.  Pay ahead by mail or leave out a payment on delivery.  Easy as chicken-pot pie.  😀

Read more about Dan and the Pugh family farm at these links.  They also have instagram and an online store!


Pour-over at home!

The spring rains may make you think about down pours. Well, I say, let’s just “pour-over”. Pour-over coffee at home! Yes, I’m delivering locally-made pour-overs for your favorite coffee-fix.

What you need:
1. Good coffee (such as any of the fabulous Fretboard coffees available for delivery).
2. a Mug — preferably your favorite.
3. Pour-over apparatus — preferably a locally made one.
      I can help you out with #1 and #3.  You are on your own to decide your favorite mug.
The pour-over I can delivery to you is handmade by Fadra Hepner, functional-potter extraordinaire (3 Dandelion Seeds (; New Franklin, MO).
    She has the superpower to make loads of  even more neat things with clay.  So, what kind of locally-made pottery are you interested in seeing for your kitchen or garden?  Take this survey and let us know!  Click here:  Who knows, maybe your idea will be next in her kiln…
Next — what is a pour-over and how do you use it?  Click here (not the photo) to check out the a nifty tutorial video–>
If you’ve got this far, you may want a pour-over for yourself or as a gift.  The price is $32.50 delivered, what, what!?

A beautiful pour-over.  Specific colors/glaze may vary.  All work the same!

Now if these things don’t get you excited, I don’t know what will.  Wait!  More photos!
    Okay… Here is Fadra at a Ren Fest and a neat “berry bowl“!
That’s all I got folks, I hope the spring rains met you well, and that your basement isn’t too flooded.  Check the cord on that sump pump, and enjoy the sunshine on the other side.
Fee free to share this post with friends, family, and frenemies.  And let me know if you need anything at all.  Just call, text, carrier pigeon, email, or order online!
Thanks and take care,
Rhett Hartman

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social media–

PS– pro-tip for reading this far down:  order $50 or more on food (excluding honey and milk) and get 10% off!

Partner spotlight: Eggs!

Out in the east-region of Columbia, MO, sit Malinda and John Gee, surrounded by their flock of chickens, ducks, and grandkids. All free-range, by the way!


Grandchild and duckling!

After many years of tinkering with assembly-line fabrication, John retired to his ducks and chickens. Malinda still works at a local non-profit, but they both want to work with the fowl into retirement.

And these birds have it good. Their farm could just as well be called a poultry sanctuary. One a bird enters, it stays until old age. And of course each are given a name by Malinda.


Ducks and Chickens living happily together.  What inspiration!

In the early years of their farm, there were the usual pests such as raccoons and foxes. Which led to a few nature-based massacres. Since then, fences were corrected and holes were filled, and now everyone stays on their proper side of the fence.

For the near future, the duck eggs and chicken eggs are on sale! So try a dozen chicken eggs for $4.30 or a dozen duck eggs for $7.15 or half-doz for $3.60.

Ordering is easy — eggs and cheesy!

  1. Contact Rhett and let him know what you need (online, text, phone, email, game-of-thrones-crow, etc.) — order online here:
  2. Mail a payment or leave one out on delivery
  3. Enjoy your food and tell your friends! 🙂



Chicken eggs… yummmmm…!


Partner spotlight: Beef!

As a series of spotlights on the partners with MO Local Routes, here is the first:  Covered-L Farm, 100% grass-fed/finished beef near Hallsville, MO.


Sherry and Steve!

Sherry and Steve Landers have been cultivated the land near Hallsville for many many years.  Here is their method, straight from their website (

We pamper the billions of biota in the soil by keeping the soil surface covered with organic matter, primarily uneaten grass, which breaks down to provide their food. The healthy soil life then provides nourishment to the roots of grass and legumes such as clover. The grass/legumes flourish from this nourishment and from the collection of solar energy. They then provide a nourishing meal for our cattle which provide great nourishment for you.

For more information about the numerous nutritional benefits of grassfed meats, please see the educational site and such books featured on the site as “Pasture Perfect” and “Eat on the Wild Side,” both by Jo Robinson.

Watch this spot for more spotlights.  Next up:  Fadra Hepner (, functional-food potter!

Maple Syrple

I don’t know if anyone else in the world pronouces Maple Syrup like “maple syrple”, but I do.  Where did I get it?  Why is the sky blue?  Does a bear eat blueberries in the woods?

Anyhow, the Amish up in Clark have got a batch of maple syrup from New York on the shelves.  I don’t even have the prices figured out yet, but a pint will run $6.43.  They have quarts and even gallons, so get it while it’s here.  I’ll post prices later on the online menu (

Bad jokes:

  • How do you make the sap run in the spring?  You give it a kick in the trunk!
  • How many people does it take to tap a maple tree?  Three:  one to tap the tree and 2 to switch off every 12 hours holding the bucket.
  • Knock knock.  Whose there?  Maple Tree.  Maple Tree who?  May pull a tree if I hitch a horse up to it!


Good drink!

  • Get a pint glass
  • Fill it with one finger of maple syrup (what is a “finger”? A half-dram of course! – measure the volume of liquid by putting your finger around the glass and you have 1 “finger”…
  • Fill the next two fingers full with your favorite acidic liquid (lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, lime juice, etc.).
  • Fill the rest of the pint with ice and/or cold water, and — viola — the perfect cold drink.

Pasta for everyone!

Shelly La Fata took her family recipes and now we can enjoy them, made with local ingredients. She has Lasagna and Ravioli for your freezer and your family to enjoy!

  • Lasagna!
    • Fillings — Greens & 5 Cheeses or Sicilian Meatball
    • Sizes– from small to xtra-large, $17.15-$68.25)
  • Ravioli ($14.43 for 10 ravioli): fillings such as–
    • Beef Short Rib Ragu
    • Turkey Parmigiano
    • Pork & Mushroom Ravioli
    • Greens and Roasted Garlic
    • Butternut Squash Gorgonzola
    • …and more!

See the menu for all the savory details:

Need to get some?  Order online (use the link above) or call, text (816-807-6420), or email ( anytime.  Then get your isolation pod-mates together and chow down!


Shelly is on a roll <groan>.

Did someone say Chicken Pot Pie?

The story of Dan…

   Dan Pugh and his family have been growing veggies and raising animals for years, and recently he’s been cooking up great pre-made fixings such as chicken broth.
    Now he’s got ground lamb ($14.43/lb) and — for the spicy-at-heart — 3-packs of chorizo breakfast burritos ($21.40).
And not stopping there, he also makes 9″ savory pies with made-from scratch crusts with local chicken, sausage, and sweet potatoes:
  • Chicken Pot Pies ($28.50)
  • Veggie Quiche ($17.70)
  • Sausage and Veggie Quiche ($21.40)
Now is the time to put that oven to work!  These things are good for breakfast, lunch, or breakfast-for-dinner (my favorite).

So how can you get this stuff?

Easy-peasy, mac-and-cheesy:
  • Contact me online (, email (, or text me (816-807-6420)
  • Pay by leaving out cash or check during delivery (e.g., in a cooler), or mail the payment
  • Enjoy your food and share with friends!