Hunting the old-fashioned way.

No, we don’t sell deer — it’s just not legal.  But you can hunt it!

And forgo the modern weaponry.  And maybe not even the bow and arrow.  Try the old fashioned Atlatl!

Here’s a story on how Dawn Wagner got a deer the old fashioned way.  Really really old fashioned!  (


What could be more sustainable than harvesting from the wild?  No chemicals, no fertilizer, just nature’s cycles and rejuvination.  As far as deer go (CWD not withstanding), you can get it yourself.  Okay, you don’t have to use 20,000 year-old technology.

deerIn fact, here’s a great article about how deer is more popular than ever with the kale-crowd:

PS- it will also help reduce Missouri’s ranking as far as car crashes with deers (currently 17th) — that would be great for my deliveries, fyi!


Gee, Ghee!

Yes, it’s the depths of winter — nothing like some heat to clarify things… like butter!

ghee2So let’s make some ghee.  It’s really pretty simple, but, as with simple things, there is a hundred different opinions on it.  To stir or not stir? Salted or unsalted?  Well, you can decide for yourself.  Here is one recipe:

Cooking Ghee in the Oven

Placing the desired quantity of butter in an uncovered stainless steel pot or pan, leaving it in the oven overnight at about 170 degrees F.  In the morning, the end product will be three distinct layers of semi-solids and liquids. The top crust will contain all the butter impurities, the whey collects at the bottom, and the golden oil is between.  (read more in the link below, for “Ghee, Part Two“)

For even more information (more than you may ever want to know) about ghee, please check out these other articles:

Prasadam – Ghee (

Prasadam – Ghee, Part Two (

Prasadam – Ghee, Part Three (

Find your free fruit on the Internet

What a great idea — a virtual map for places to pick fruit in the urban wilds!

Here is a map of near the Columbia, MO area:,freegan

Paw-paw Patch whole-wheat Cake

What do you do with a freezer full of native paw-paw pulp?!

Well, Abbey and Guy at With the Wild Farm gathered this native fruit (that tasted like a cross between a mango, bananna, and a papaya) in 2018.  They pulped them and now Abbey is making whole wheat cake, with a little cream cheese icing.

It’s delectable, and $17.15 for an 8×8 cake pan — delivered to your door!  Made with cane sugar, lots of butter, whole wheat flour, eggs, and pink salt, you will love every bite.  I know I did!

Here’s a great article on the wonders of paw-paw (



Paw-paw!  (photo by Mabel Suen from Riverfront Times)



January… in like a lamb?!?

Well, lamb have arrived to MO Local Routes — From Berwanger Farm in Booneville, MO.

100% grass-fed lamb, ready for your crock-pot!

  • Lamb chops ($14.80/lb)
  • Ground Lamb ($7.90/lb)
  • Stew meat ($6.90/lb) — available after Jan 18
  • Organ meat ($5.30/lb) – Liver, Heart, etc.

And here is a bit of info on why lamb is awesome (

And here is a photo of the lambs in pasture!

Sonofagun Stew!

Well, back in the wild west, folks had to eat.  Here are some tried and true recipes from a Cookie (and the Time Life Book “The Old West”, The Cowboys):

Sonofagun Stew

  • 2 pounds lean beef
  • set brains
  • half a calfheart
  • set marrow guts
  • 2 pounds calf liver
  • set sweetbreads
  • Louisiana hot sauce
  • salt, Pepper

Kill off a young steer. Cut up beef liver and heart into 1-inch cubes.  Slice the marrow gut into small rings. Place in a Dutch oven or deep casserole. Cover meat with water and simmer for 2-3 hours.  Add salt, pepper and salt and hot sauce to taste.  Take sweetbreads and brains and cut in small pieces.  Add to stew.  Simmer another hour, never boiling.


“Wear” your local food?!


Yes, there is a whole wardrobe for the friends of of local food and local ecosystems! Currently, Patchwork Family Farms ( and Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture ( have great t-shirts and hats and even knit caps for sale. I can deliver these for you, too!

Of course, I’m still working out the details, but if you want to be a guinea pig and let me work out the kinks with something you might like, let me know. We’ll both be brave!

Travel mug of the future — today!

While they last, I’ve got some fancy travel mugs from Fretboard Coffee.
2These black Lexo mugs have the Fretboard logo, and cost $52.  These amazing part is, these mugs bring hot drinks down to a drinkable temperature and keeps them there for hours.  Made with solid-state phase-change technology developed at MU (
And after you get a mug, do you order some Fretboard coffee to go with it?  Yes, of course.  It’s the future (unless you don’t do caffeine)!

10% off??!

The best kept secret is that if you order $50 or more, you’ll get 10% off your entire order*!

(does not include milk and honey; also, if you live outside the normal delivery area, this $50 minimum may go up)

So stock up on those pork chops and potatoes, and let’s get you the best deal on your local food.  Boy, I’m excited already, and I’m not even placing the order!

Local Food Delivery “Gift Certificates”

And you thought there were no more gifts possible — now there is local food delivery Gift Certificates.  Whoa.

Just email, text, or call Rhett, and he’ll email you a gift certificate in any denomination.  Then you can print it out at your convenience and give it to your loved one for the holiday, birthday, or any other special event.

Rhett Hartman